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#TVRecap: The Amazing Women on Team Scorpion

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#TVRecap: The Amazing Women on Team Scorpion

By Marissa Eller

The CBS Hit drama Scorpion is currently in its action-packed second season. Scorpion features a team of geniuses, including a world-class behaviorist, a human calculator, a mechanical prodigy, and the man with the fourth highest IQ ever recorded. Each member of the team has his or her own skillset and own intricate (and usually emotionally painful) backstory.

Of the eight people that make up Team Scorpion, three are female. REPRESENT! But while not all three women are geniuses, all three are equally important to the team’s well-being and success.

  1. Megan O’Brien-Dodd2

Walter O’Brien has an IQ of 197, which just happens to be the fourth highest ever recorded. As a result, his emotional quotient is incredibly low. But his sister, Megan, helped him learn how to be more human and less robotic. She taught him how to love and how to live beyond just math and science. She grew up helping her genius younger brother live as normally as he could, and she even married a Team Scorpion genius herself.

Megan battled Multiple Sclerosis for years before she passed away, leaving her brother and husband behind to try to love again. Megan was brave in her battle with MS. She knew that it was only a matter of time until her death, so she treated every breath like it was her last. She never wavered in her faith and love for the people around her, and she never wasted a second. Megan proves that anyone can love until the very last day of his or her life.

  1. Paige Dineen 3

When Team Scorpion descended upon the diner Paige was waitressing at in a flurry of brain power and low EQ, Paige didn’t know what hit her. A struggling single mom to a genius son, Paige connected with the rest of the team so much that day that she became their newest addition. She translates the world for the emotionally stunted geniuses while they help her understand her mentally enabled son. Paige Dineen is the glue that holds a team of unstable but brilliant people together. Paige finds herself doing everything from diffusing petty arguments at the team’s headquarters to risking her life to save the world. Anyone can learn from Paige’s firm but fair management style and her general belief in the ones she loves.

  1. Happy Quinn


Happy Quinn is a mechanical prodigy and Team Scorpion’s only female genius. She is as tough as the nail she performed surgery with in a season two episode. Nothing can break her, and many things have tried. Her mother died during her birth, and her father gave her up for adoption two years later. Her genius mind remembers every second of bouncing from foster home to foster home. Her childhood was nearly as painful as one can imagine, and she grew up to be part of a team that saves the world on a daily basis. Happy may seem like a closed book, but her intelligence, her passion for what she does, and her love for her team-turned-family more than make up for the cross outer shell she puts up for the world. Anyone would be lucky to be half as strong and resilient as Happy Quinn is. She exudes a quiet strength supported by years of hardship and a genius IQ.

These three women are all strong in their own ways. Some show strength through love for others and unending perseverance, some show their strength through maternal instinct and quiet words of assurance, and some through brute force and shy confidence.

Whether you show your strength in one of these ways or a way completely your own, feminine power is one of the most raw resources in the world. USE IT GIRL!

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