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Top Male Beauty Influencers to Keep a Smoky Eye Out For


Top Male Beauty Influencers to Keep a Smoky Eye Out For

By Samantha N. Olson

In the last few months, the highlighting and contouring beauty trend has taken over the Internet. Now, the average woman can have a Kardashian-esque facial structure with the swipe of a brush and the dab of a Beautyblender®.

Women aren’t the only ones who partake in such trends and enjoy the art of “face-beating”– men do as well. Cosmetics aren’t only exclusive to one gender, despite the stereotypical societal belief that only women can practice the art of makeup.


Currently, male beauty influencers by the likes of Wayne Goss and PatrickStarrr are more prevalent than ever. Their massive follower counts and remarkable impact have led to endorsements from major cosmetic brands such as Benefit and CoverGirl; just this year, San Diego native and YouTube sensation Manny Gutierrez (@MannyMua733) was named the first male brand ambassador for Maybelline and featured in a televised commercial for their Big Shot mascara alongside fellow guru Shayla Mitchell (@MakeupShayla).

The 2010s is an era of newfound hope and acceptance, and the online beauty community does not shy away from praising new members of its glam fam– including men. The following male beauty influencers are taking social media by storm and are sure to get to Gutierrez’s level.

  1. Bretman Rock (@bretmanrock)screen-shot-2017-04-01-at-7-19-45-am
  1. Thomas Halbert (@ThomasBeautyy)screen-shot-2017-04-01-at-7-20-14-am
  1. Michael Orozco (@morphinelovemua)


  1. Markevious Harriss (@1poeticdrugs)


  1. Spencer Claus (@spxncxrx)


  1. Eric Espana (@eric_espana)


  1. Miguel Ghalichi (@MiguelGhalichi)


  1. Anthony Walker (@antwtf)


  1. Jesse Arreola (@Jesse_Arreola)


  1. Eddy Salgado (@FKATWlNK) screen-shot-2017-04-01-at-7-22-34-am
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