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Top Fashion Trends of 2016

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Top Fashion Trends of 2016

By Sheereen Charles

We’re about to hit the halfway mark to 2017, so I hope you already made your 2016 New Year’s resolution. My resolution is to incorporate a popular trend into my wardrobe; how about yours? To aid in your fashion resolutions, here are some of the biggest trends of 2016:

Crop tops

Crop tops were the most popular trend of 2015 and have yet to go away. Crop tops bare anything from an inch to a foot of your midriff. Designers say that focusing on your higher-midriff zone is a great way to create the idea of a toned stomach without showing off too much.


90’s Inspired Apparel

The 90’s are back this year as so many designers are putting 90’s-inspired fashion back on the runway. Outfits include overalls, tracksuits, oversized jackets, chokers, matching separates, and a shirt tied around your waist. Who knew that history would repeat itself?


Bold Colors and Prints

Women are going bold in bright colors such as pinks, reds, greens, yellows and oranges. Daring patterns, including graphic stripes, florals, animals, and other avant-garde themes, are also becoming the new “in”. Furthermore, women are clashing different colors, fabrics, and patterns together to create organized discord.


The slip dress used to be worn under clothes or in bed, but that status quo has changed. Slips, whether they are lingerie or see-through chiffon, look both slinky and sexy. The idea of wearing underwear as outerwear is definitely trending.


Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans are now all the rage. These cropped pants were not that popular in the past, but they are making their way back in to our closet. These short cut pants can be found in denim, pleats, stripes, and hundreds of other textiles and prints.


Let’s not leave the men out; here are a few trends to follow for the fellows:

Graphic Tees

As 2016 progresses, more and more men are wearing durable graphic tees. Graphic tees in the past have been easy to fade, but these tees are made from quality fabric such as soft, organic cotton that will hold onto the pattern for longer. Prints will include striking graphics in various muted colors across the chest.


Elongated Shirts

Elongated shirts have also been on the scene for quite a little while now. These long shirts usually almost reach one’s knees and can be loose or close fitting. Many celebrities rock this look, most notably Justin Bieber and Chris Brown.


Long Hemlines

Young men are also wearing shirts with long hemlines. These shirts mostly come in neutral colors to give a sharp, tailored look. Other fabrics used this season will be polyester, leather, and knit.

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