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Top 7 Best Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands

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Top 7 Best Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands

By Sheereen Charles

“All natural.”

“Fully organic.”


You’ve heard these expressions pretty frequently lately, right? The all-natural craze has taken the world by storm, making everyone check their labels twice. The fashion world is no exception, with people scouring the internet for brands that are safe for the environment. According to the May 2007 Vogue, sustainable fashion “does not appear to be a short-term trend but one that could last multiple seasons, the very word season being up for grabs in a climate-affected world.” Since there is no end in sight for this trend, here are some brands that might help you jump on the bandwagon:


  1. Mayamiko is a brand that began as a charity. They work with skilled workers in underprivileged communities in Malawi to create their collections. Loyal customers who buy from the brand want trendy, affordable clothes with a background story.


  1. Study NY is a popular New York brand that uses organic cotton, linen, hand-dyed fabrics and recycled resources to make their clothing. They do their best to ensure no fabrics are wasted during production. They also sponsor numerous mentorship programs for new ecological designers as well as raise money for underprivileged children.


  1. Fibre Athletics is an athletic wear line that uses 100% organic fabrics and recycled resources. The money raised from the brand supports global environmental and poverty relief projects. Their apparel is very versatile; you can easily wear it for a day look as well as a night out. The clothes are also high quality and extremely comfortable.



  1. M. Patmos produces eco-friendly fabrics such as faux fur (made from wool and alpaca) and vegetable tanned leather. Their finished products always look luxurious as well as gorgeous. The brand hires employees from Nepal, Bolivia, and Japan to use their handwork techniques and knitting technology to create the masterpieces.



  1. Everlane is a sustainable brand that thrives on honesty and openness. They spend months finding the best factory, both big and small, to suit their business. Then, they visit the factories to build a strong interpersonal relationship with the workers there. This way, the brand maintains a great relationship and can ensure the factory’s honesty and ethical production procedures.



  1. Elegantees got its brand name by creating “elegant tees” and dresses in NYC. Their apparel is sewn by women freed from sex trafficking in Nepal. The money raised by the company serves as income to these women, helping them build up their independence, self-image, and confidence.



  1. Kutie Protocol is an ecological brand catered just to kids. The brand’s designs are unisex and are named after famous pairs like Bonnie and Clyde, Kurt and Courtney, Fred and Wilma and Adam and Eve. They create clothes using recycled water and non-toxic dyes ranging from size 1-8. Most of their collections are created in a small town in Colombia, where the brand works closely with the artisans.
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