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The University of Texas at San Antonio is Starting a New Class on Beyoncé???

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The University of Texas at San Antonio is Starting a New Class on Beyoncé???

By Raquel Geylman


Every college girls’ dream came true when the University of Texas at San Antonio announced that they’re starting a class based on Beyoncé’s Lemonade. Professor Kinitra D. Brooks named the course “Black Women, Beyoncé, and Popular Culture”. The course will explore black feminist ideals presented in Lemonade as well as the influence Beyoncé has had on black feminism. As Brooks states, Lemonade holds “sociocultural issues that are most prominent in black womanhood through black feminist theory, literature, music, and film.” Brooks adds, “I was appreciative to Beyoncé because she got so many folks who wouldn’t normally be interested in black feminism, in West African religious practices, involved in those topics.”

“Black Women, Beyoncé, and Popular Culture” meets three times a week to listen to tracks from Lemonade and then analyze them. In addition to those songs, students are asked to read extra material about other black feminist topics. Brooks described her class as 40 multiethnic students comprised of Black, Caribbean, white, Hispanic, and South Asian women and men. The class has gained international attention after being featured on Good Morning America, ABC News, the Daily mail, and many other news outlets. The UK International Business Times also wrote an article talking about the class offered at University of Texas.


Queen Bey’s class stays true to her feminist roots. Beyoncé has always valued being a strong, independent, and successful woman. On her 2014 tour, she embraced the term “feminist” when singing her hit song “Flawless”. What better way to bring Beyoncé into your syllabus than to teach about everything she stands for and believes in?


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