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Ten Awesome Things to Know and Love About Project GirlSpire

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Ten Awesome Things to Know and Love About Project GirlSpire

If you landed on this site, make no mistake, there’s a reason for it! Here, we don’t believe in “coincidences” but in divine guidance packed with universal purpose. So, what exactly is this website you were destined to find? It’s the home-base of Project GirlSpire, and here’s a quick rundown of what we’re all about:

1. Project GirlSpire seeks to inspire girls.

Duh. We know, the title pretty much wraps it up. Girl…Spire. At the risk of sounding cliché, let’s just say we truly want girls around the globe to not only feel but know self-worth, empowerment, and inspiration—to tap into the limitless super-spectacular strengths that are already within.

2. Project GirlSpire updates daily. rotates new articles every day to bring about only the best, the brightest, the most beautiful good-news that pertains to all girls. Look for rad book reviews and roundups, body-love advice, interviews with celebs and sports stars, quizzes and crafts, stuff that smashes stereotypes, and regular features that showcase strong female role models. Oh, and there’s even a spot for girls to submit their own works of art, such as poetry, drawings, photography…pick your preferred genre.

3. Project GirlSpire is for girls, not parents!

Don’t get us wrong—we love your folks, we really do. But we want you to have a zone that’s yours, where you can read relevant news, plus express your own views and creativity. That said, we’re girls and women, too, who are mindful of the site’s content, which is chosen with great care and responsibility. (Parents and other caretakers, feel free to drop in but please respect your girl’s privacy and personal opinions…m’kay?)

4. Project GirlSpire is the “granddaughter” of a nonprofit org.

Huh? Yes, that’s right. Project GirlSpire is not necessarily an organization in and of itself—it is instead the first global social-change initiative of Project R.E.A.D. (Restoration, Education And Development), an education campaign that’s part of Resources and Outreach for Liberia ( Ever hear of Liberia? It’s in West Africa, and its capital, Monrovia, is named after fifth U.S. prez James Monroe. He and his buddies were part of the American Colonization Society, which formed the country for freed slaves at the end of the U.S. Civil War.

5. Project GirlSpire grew up in the ’60s.

Sort of. It was 1969 when the ROL’s cofounder came to the United States from Liberia as a teen and later started ROL. You see, America’s efforts to colonize Liberia weren’t exactly a shining success as the country has looped in a cycle of despair. However, we see forward-moving change happening now in Liberia under the direction of a phenomenal female leader—yes, the first African nation to elect a woman president! We predict other global issues will rise in victory as more girls and women step into leadership roles.

6. Project GirlSpire is upbeat and positive at all times.

No matter what is going on in the world, our focus is to remain hopeful, faithful, and appreciative of all the good things life has to offer. We understand the power of our thoughts and beliefs, so we strive in every moment for an attitude of gratitude and pure joy. Matter of fact, we’re smiling right now. Say “cheese”!

7. Project GirlSpire staffers do not stick their heads in the sand, swear!

Just because we think rose-colored glasses should always be trending, we do get the old adage that sometimes “bad things happen to good people” and realize there are worldwide issues that are out-of-whack. And if you’ve seen the movie Lord of War, then you have an idea of just one piece of how Liberia’s legacy has played out. But, to quote from the film, “Even in hell sometimes an angel makes an appearance.”

8. Project GirlSpire wants you to weigh in.

We want to hear from you. Post your comments, send letters to the editor, write a little ditty and let us share it with the world. Project GirlSpire is about freedom of expression, and voicing your opinions and views. So give us a shout-out! (And link us to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social-media pages…please and thank you.)

9. Project GirlSpire is spinning off a book!

Project GirlSpire contributors are creating a short-story anthology in e-book format, in which various female authors tell fictional stories of girl characters who find it in themselves to overcome diversity instead of giving in or being saved by the proverbial knight-in-shining-armor. The book, written for middle- and high-school girls, is a blend of dark-and-ominous, humorous, and even fantastical. Check in frequently for an announcement about the book’s release.

10. Project GirlSpire adores girls all over the world.

While Project GirlSpire does have a sweet-spot in its heart for the girls of Liberia, there’s nothing we’d love more than to touch every girl on the planet with our main message of embracing female empowerment. So hang out here often, and tell all your friends!

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