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SuperSHEroes to the Rescue


SuperSHEroes to the Rescue

By Michelle Cove

MEDIAGIRLS is an organization formed to launch a cultural revolution in which girls reject media’s message that their looks determine their worth, and to inspire girls to make over the media with empowering content. Its mission is to help girls understand that their value lies in who they are on the inside and in the contributions they bring to the world.

At MEDIAGIRLS, participants decided they want more female heroes so they made them! Girls were challenged to create characters who would not only save the day but look more diverse than the overly sexualized characters typically seen in comics, video games, films and TV. Meet the members of the new superhero squad…

The Bugler

shero 1

Rainbow Warrior

shero 2

Music Ma’am

shero 3


shero 4

The Voice

shero 5

The Whistler

shero 6

The (Not) Drama Queen

shero 7

Want to learn more? Check it out: MEDIAGIRLS Trailer

Reprinted with permission from MEDIAGIRLS (, a non-profit organization that teaches girls to make over the media.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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