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Six Reasons to Take a Break from Social Media


Six Reasons to Take a Break from Social Media

By Danielle Bryant

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Ever feel like you can’t live without live-Tweeting, or that if your phone dies it’s the end of the world? Yeah, you might need to take a break from social media. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter—they’re a huge part of our lives these days, but it’s important they don’t become our entire lives. Check out these top six reasons to take a step away from the social media….

1. You can focus on school.

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Constantly worried about being caught with your phone in class? Alleviate the fear by turning it off and putting it in your locker…and leave it off once you get home. If you knock your homework out of the way without getting sucked down the FB rabbit hole, you’ll have more time later to work on things you love—like rearranging your room or even just binge-watching Gilmore Girls.

2. You’ll have better bonding time with friends…

[getty src=”544489073?et=vRWhgJutR_R6h-sUD0rkEw&viewMoreLink=off&sig=gZm78LhgkiD6dcFMOzxyEVIsD7NwNe8_6KTdusGiAZU=” width=”508″ height=”339″]

You probably spend a lot of time with your friends, but how much of that time somehow involves a screen? Sign out, and do something totally non-techy, like taking a walk or just chatting.

3. …and family.

[getty src=”200251657-001?et=0KXBM_1KThNcYuhCfPdyag&viewMoreLink=off&sig=zZmC56srH0WAB9RYM_7eX3LoNNAaNU4Q-FjJd126WbQ=” width=”507″ height=”338″]

Moms and dads hate it when you sit on your phone while everyone else is trying to talk or have dinner. Make ’em happy by leaving your phone in your room, and do something together as a family after dinner, like playing board games or watching a movie.

4. You can enjoy the outdoors.

[getty src=”498116587?et=f_lcmceKT-FsKIhj5Ms3UQ&viewMoreLink=off&sig=vlqfubVF6TN97RMOrYK_Ke16bMBGQTA9t6X8lzOnAv0=” width=”338″ height=”507″]

The weather outside might be getting colder, but there’s so much you can still do that doesn’t require being cramped in your house and looking at a screen all day. Go for a run, get some friends together for an old-school game of flag football, or help your parents out by doing some yard work.

5. You might even have time to get a job.

[getty src=”487702839?et=4W0wPJHpRsNYu7uxQvbK5g&viewMoreLink=off&sig=jqdgGoijJR6rFUYzvixEuiZVm6kPA3TiF7wqbIuMd1M=” width=”507″ height=”338″]

This might not seem like a huge perk, but you’ll feel differently when you’ve got cash in your pocket. Plus, we can’t overstate the value in gaining on-the-job experience!

6. Um, you might not get poked fun of on national TV.

Recently, during a Major League Baseball game between the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks, a group of sorority sisters caught everyone’s attention. They were taking selfies when the sports announcers noticed and made digs at the girls.

Watch it here: Sorority Selfie

After the broadcast, Fox Sports and Diamondbacks officials reached out to the women, offering them complimentary tickets to the next game. Instead of taking the tickets, the women used their newfound fame for something awesome.

“We appreciate their generous offer of tickets to tonight’s game. However, instead of chapter members attending the game, we have asked the Diamondbacks and Fox Sports to provide tickets to a future game for families at A New Leaf, a local nonprofit that helps support victims of domestic violence,” the Alpha Chi Omega girls posted on Facebook.

The way we see it, these selfie-snapping Arizona State University students are heroes for turning the negative attention into something positive.

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