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Rest in Peace Jo Cox, British Female Rights Activist


Rest in Peace Jo Cox, British Female Rights Activist

By Niraja Surendran


I, unfortunately, did not the know British politician Jo Cox until after her death. She was a Labour MP – Member of Parliament – who was becoming better known in her country when she was brutally murdered on June 16, 2016.

Her unexpected death has prompted her family, friends, and fellow colleagues to dedicate tributes to her outstanding character and intellect. Prior to her death, Cox was a determined and fierce women’s rights activist who spoke out against problems such as domestic abuse and child marriage with confidence and passion.

Though most of her efforts went to protecting women and children who were victimized by war, Cox also wanted more women to enter politics like she did, serving as the chairwoman of the Labour Women’s Network for several years. In addition, she worked with the White Ribbon Alliance to reduce deaths of pregnant women and their babies during childbirth across the globe. She also worked with countless other charities, like the Freedom Fund and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

All in all, Jo Cox was a true humanitarian who wished to help with international affairs and make the world a safer place for women and children, regardless of where they resided. Not only was she dedicated to feminism, but she also had a kind, compassionate heart and an admirable drive to help others. Even members of opposing parties have reminisced about how cheery and caring Cox always was to anyone and everyone.

I have no doubt that Cox’s message will forever be remembered, and will remain an inspiring legacy to women and girls around the world. Rest in peace, Jo Cox, for us women in Generation Z will make sure your visions and desires are realized.



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