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Rebirth of Project GirlSpire


Rebirth of Project GirlSpire

by Sang Kromah

Three and a half years ago, I created Project GirlSpire as a platform where positive stories of girls and women were to be told. The more content that I created and edited for the site, the more I realized that telling positive stories isn’t sufficient enough and didn’t achieve my initial goal of women and girls creating the narrative by creating it for themselves.

“Viva the Vulva” by @nicoleadamz

The strength of a story lies in its characters and its storyteller’s ability to bring the reader into the characters’ journeys. So often the voices of girls and women are stifled because our stories are being told through someone else’s tainted lens. Our words are misinterpreted, and we are labeled, whether the label fits us or not. This is where Project GirlSpire comes into play.

by @SevenShooter

This is a place where herstory is the goal. This is a place where stories of women, girls, and marginalized communities will be told and discussed by women, girls, and marginalized communities through an objective lens. They won’t all be positive, but we will be fair. This is our space to tell stories (fiction, op-ed, think piece), discuss books, critique popular culture and interview those whose stories bewitch us like the novels we consume or the TV series and films we’re now accustomed to binging. This is a place where the importance of #OwnVoices will always be embraced and the stories will stay with you long after you leave this site. This is Project GirlSpire.

Our New Schedule


#NoteToSelf- Reflection of a story from your youth. The conclusion is a note to your younger self.


#800Words- Every girl/woman has a unique voice, thoughts, ideas, and opinions, in 800 words (no more, no less), write an opinion piece on something you’re passionate about or that you believe must be heard.


#WickedWednesday- This is a day for all things literary (short stories, books, TV/Film, etc).


#The10Spot Weekly list of favorites, curated by a different contributor or me each week.


#PassTheStory- An ongoing fictional story continued by a different writer each week.

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