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LOVE IS IN THE AIR – All You Need to Have a Great Valentine’s Day!

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LOVE IS IN THE AIR – All You Need to Have a Great Valentine’s Day!

By Nicole Artime

If you don’t have a Valentine this year, no worries; I have got you covered! Remember: you don’t need a significant other to have fun this Valentines day. In fact, all you really need are your best pals, some good music, and these DIYs. So gather your friends and some music, and keep reading!

Lovely Triple Fudge Brownies:

If you have a sweet tooth or a heart that only beats for chocolate, this one is for you! I recently just made them for my friend’s birthday and they were an
absolute hit! (They’re also super duper easy to make!)Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 6.26.07 AM

  1. Ghirardelli Triple Fudge Brownie Mix (This is kind of cheating but it’s okay – we don’t judge and we can’t be blamed this brownie mix is AH-MAY-ZING)
  2. Valentines Day M&M’s
  3. Vegetable Oil
  4. 1 Egg
  5. Water

Once you’ve gathered these ingredients, preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix together the egg, water, vegetable oil, and brownie mix before adding in your M&M’s. Make sure you add in the M&M’s little by little, mixing in between adding. Next, pour your mix into a tray and pop the tray into your oven. I recommend setting your timer for about 25 minutes, making your first check-up then. If they still need some time, add 5 minutes before checking again. Continue this process until you get your ideal Lovely Triple Fudge Brownies!


Strawberry Cool-Whipped Angel Cake:

8c4f4398a7f35c4ac1f6eda9a3425395Now this is one of my absolute favorite things EVER. What you’re going to need for this fluffy and delightful treat is:

  1. Angel Food Cake
  2. Cool Whip
  3. Strawberries
  4. Sugar

Get any bowl that works for you and prepare all of your ingredients. Next, wash your strawberries, pat them dry, mix them into some sugar, and slice
them into thin pieces. Once your strawberries are sliced and sweetened, it’s time to get rolling! To begin this masterpiece, slice your angel cake into a piece large enough to fit your bowl. Place this piece at the bottom and cover it in some Cool Whip. Then, cover the Cool Whip in strawberries and cover those strawberries in some more cool whip. The greatest thing about this recipe is (1) THAT’S LITERALLY ALL YOU HAVE TO DO (2) you can personalize your layers! There’s no rule! And (3) there’s no baking involved!

P.s. if you want this treat to be extra yummy, put it in the fridge 10-15 minutes before you and your friends dig in

Now, if you’re not sure what kind of music you want to be listening to on Valentines Day, I’ve got you covered! There are plenty of playlists out there that may match your mood, but my top 5 songs this February are:

  1. Formation by Beyonce
  2. Lose It by Oh Wonder
  3. Ain’t Trippin by Blackbear
  4. Runnin’ by Kehlani
  5. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

So gather your friends, make some treats, play some good music, have a dance party, and enjoy your Valentines Day with some people who are dear to you! I hope you all have a great celebration!



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