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Lena Waithe: 5 Fast Facts You Should Know About ‘The Chi’ Creator


Lena Waithe: 5 Fast Facts You Should Know About ‘The Chi’ Creator

Creator of Showtime's 'The Chi', Lena Waithe

By Sang Kromah

In my social circle, when if I say, “Have you heard about Lena’s new project,” you know I’m talking about “my Lena,” ‘The Chi’ Lena. Well, the Lena that has a knack for creating content that is fresh, inclusive, real, and all-around dope! Lena Waithe.

If you haven’t heard that name before, you just haven’t been paying attention. You may have seen her on the Aziz Ansari Netflix series, ‘Master of None,’ but did you know she wrote the “Thanksgiving” episode of season two and that it was semi-autobiographical?

We’ve all seen coming out stories, but if you’ve seen that episode of ‘Master of None’ and still describe it as such, once again, you weren’t paying attention. In less than thirty minutes, you are introduced to a family tradition, you witness an adolescent black girl who hates wearing dresses evolves to a young-adult who understands her queerness, watch how her relationships evolve, and how the issue of sexuality and acceptance are approached in this African American family. It is dope. It is brilliant. It made me, laugh, cry. I mean, it gave me all the feels.

Waithe’s work speaks for her and many others, telling the stories of those who are under-represented or not represented at all from sincere perspectives that entertain, surprise, and teach simultaneously. And her latest project, “The Chi” just may be what makes Lena Waithe a household name.

If you haven’t heard about the Showtime original series, ‘The Chi’ or seen the pilot yet, you definitely don’t know what you’re missing. It takes you from being a mere bystander, who reads about the realities of living and growing up in Chicago to engulfing you so deeply into the intricate storylines that you feel invested in the lives, stakes, and outcomes of this talented ensemble cast.

I was already a fan a Lena Waithe and her laidback approach to today’s “too cool for school” celebrity, but her method of storytelling, her world-building and character development has solidified her as one of my favorite writers as well.

Watch her “Fast Five Facts” below:

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