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As you probably know by now, Project GirlSpire is dedicated to telling the stories of girls and women. We provide a platform for the stories of girls to be told, their imaginations to run loose, their voices to be heard, their interests to be discussed and encourage them to be the truest versions of themselves. We’re informative, raw, accepting, creative, and original. We create a vast range of content that ranges from book talk to STEM, art to music, movies to TV, fashion to advocacy, world issues to education, events to gender and sexuality. We have something for everyone’s interests, but we choose to create, inform, celebrate and promote as opposed to criticizing and condemning. We celebrate and embrace diversity and culture, and believe it’s possible to be positive and still remain true to ourselves. We aren’t cool because we do what’s popular, we’re cool because we’re uniquely ourselves and know no other way to be.

Now that we’re a little over a year old and we will be re-launching our new and improved site within the next few weeks and we have so many exciting things happening, and we want you to be a part of this movement.

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-12-37-59-amWe’re looking for innovators to join our community, to be seen and heard:

Street Style Contributors (Globally/Virtually)– will be responsible for spotting stylish girls and women of all colors/backgrounds and snapping a picture and conducting a short interview. You could think it as a multiculturally-stylized focused Humans of New York. Must have an eye for style and fashion, and must be diverse in your selections. We are seeking committed contributors, who will actively commit to Project GirlSpire.

Crowdfunding Coordinator (Must be in Baltimore-area)– We’re seeking a crowdfunding guru. Someone who can, create and manage a phenomenal crowdfunding campaign, taking charge of all the logistics (video, sponsors, prizes, etc.).

Writers/Journalists/Reviewers (Virtual)– We’re looking for contributors, who know what we’re about, and have something to say. We’re looking for contributors to actively seek stories and/or interviews. For example, if you’re a book reviewer, you’re passionate about the characters and your review shows how a girl would connect with those characters or even take it a step further and try contacting the author or publisher, go to publisher chats, or seek out ARCs (Advance Reader Copies). Or if you’re writing about the music scene in your town, actually go out and explore that scene, take pictures, talk to people, and make the reader feel as though they’re experiencing it as well.

Or if you can thing of another way to be a part of Project GirlSpire, you tell us. We won’t bite. We are growing into something big and beautiful, and this is your chance to grow with us.

These positions are all unpaid, but we’re growing and as we grow and you grow with us, we will be able to work out compensation. So, are you interested? Email Sang at, introduce yourself, tell her in what capacity you want to contribute, attach your resume and samples (if applicable).




  1. watchingthedaisies

    November 5, 2016 at 11:20 am

    Looking forward to your relaunch. Best wishes.

    • sangkromah

      November 11, 2016 at 4:51 pm

      Thank you! We’re so excited about the things to come.

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