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How to Pick the Right Makeup for Your Skin Type

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How to Pick the Right Makeup for Your Skin Type

By Sheereen Charles


It can be so difficult to find the perfect base for your skin; looking for the right foundation to set the rest of your makeup off right can be extremely overwhelming. But not to worry, here’s a guide to help you to sort through your options:


If acne is a major skin issue for you, choose a medium-to-full coverage foundation to cover textured skin. Do not smear make up on; instead, use a clean brush or a clean sponge to dab makeup on your skin.

Best Picks:

Aging Skin

Heavy formulas that turn into a powdery finish settle into wrinkles and fine lines, making them more noticeable. Instead, choose a water-based, light foundation. A light-coverage liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer can produce younger-looking, radiant skin.

Best Picks:

Dry Skin

Dry skin can take rich, thick formulas as long as they are either creams or moisturizing liquids. To keep your dry skin moist throughout the day, choose a light-to-medium coverage, hydrating foundation. Use your fingers and press the product into the skin when applying your make-up in order to have long-lasting coverage.

Best Picks:

Oily Skin

It is best to control shine with an oil-free foundation. Don’t buy any formula that uses terms like “dewy” or “luminizing.” To combat that shine, choose a medium-to-full coverage matte or semi-matte foundation. Use a sponge or a brush instead of your fingers to apply your makeup, for using your fingers can transfer the oil from your hands to your face.

Best Picks:

Sensitive Skin

If you are like me and have sensitive skin due to rosacea, eczema, or any other condition, look for products that are non-irritant, sun-protecting, and mineral-based. Mineral-based powders can cover problem skin without irritating or bringing attention to sensitive areas.

Best Picks:

Normal Skin

So you don’t have oily or dry skin or suffer from any major skin issues, but you do want to add a little color to your skin. Congrats, you have normal skin! You can choose the level of coverage you want. Try out matte foundations, tinted moisturizers, and luminous options to decide what products you like best.

Best Picks:

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