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How To Feel Confident in Whatever You Are Wearing

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How To Feel Confident in Whatever You Are Wearing

By Sheereen Charles

Dressing with confidence has nothing to do with the latest trends; it’s about feeling great in what you decide to wear. How you dress can directly affect your mood and your confidence. When we feel good, we tend to dress to suit that feeling. Therefore if you feel great, you look great. This leads to having a better overall attitude, more energy, and more confidence.

Here are 4 ways to start dressing with confidence:

  1. Know your Body Shape

Not everyone has the same body shape. We are all different, and we should all dress in a way that flatters our unique body type. Whether you have an apple, pear, regular, or hourglass body figure, know the difference. Remember: no body type is better than another. Research and find out what looks best on you. Dressing for YOUR specific body type can help you be more confident in your appearance.


  1. Know your Personal Style

Rachel Zoe once said, “Style is saying who you are without having to speak.” Expressing yourself is the most important part of dressing up. In order for you to feel confident, you must be comfortable in what you are wearing. So, dress in the way that suits you. Focus on your style and choose clothes that reflect your personality. If you are trying out new trends, still incorporate your staple pieces; this way, you still show off your personal style. Never try to be someone you are not.

  1. Know your strengths

After you figure out what flatters your body shape, think about the strengths you would like to focus on. If you have a curvy body, and you love it, choose something formfitting to show it off. If you are tall, and you want to accentuate your height, wear towering heels. If you want a slimming look, try wearing horizontal thin stripes. Pick colors that you like and feel comfortable in. Playing up your strengths will make you view yourself in a positive way and will do wonders for your confidence.


  1. Know your audience

If you are going to a business meeting, it’s probably not the best idea to wear a mini-skirt. There is a time and a place for every outfit. Be able to differentiate between occasions and know what is appropriate to wear to each. Whether it be a business meeting, a church gathering, or a dinner date, dress appropriately for the occasion.

Dressing in the hottest new trends or even in the most expensive brands might give you temporary satisfaction. But having confidence is about celebrating your uniqueness and accepting your flaws. Remember: self-confidence is the best outfit, so own it!

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