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Five Ways to Wow-Worthy Walls ’n’ Windows

Just for Fun

Five Ways to Wow-Worthy Walls ’n’ Windows

By Jessica D’Argenio Waller

Time to give your room a jolt, no remodeling required. Here are a few whimsical ways to give your walls and windows a jump that’ll have you going, “wow!”

Floating Wall Shelves

Wall 1

Scour the flea market for wooden crates. A quick coat of spray paint makes them like new. Let dry, and then securely hang on your wall—ask an adult for help. Load ’em up with books, travel trinkets, snapshots and other collectibles.

Chalkboard Anytime Banner

Wall 2

DIY a positive-message banner by coating wooden pennant flags (find ’em at the craft supplies store) with chalkboard paint. Write your fave motivational words for insta-inspiration. Too much wood, er, work? Simply cut out pennant shapes from construction paper, draw on those, and string them up with twine or yarn.

Window Ribbons

Wall 3

Stock up on a few rolls of grosgrain ribbon from the fabric store. Loop three-yard lengths over your curtain rod for a girly boho update on boring drapes.

Pin-it Clipboard Wall

Wall 4

Hang clipboards in a grid of six on your wall, and then tack up quotes, magazine cutouts and images that resonate with you. Change up often!

Witty Wall Decals

Wall 5

Easier than wallpaper, cuter than that collage you made last year, stack simple letter decals into inspirational messages. Shop from sites like for sweeping birds, funky lanterns or posh chandeliers for a “totally you” expression.

Reprinted with permission from Some photographs by Sean Scheidt.

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