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Five Simple Steps to Turn Your Room Into a Yoga Studio

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Five Simple Steps to Turn Your Room Into a Yoga Studio

By Gwendolyn Lincoln 


Use your five physical senses to morph your bedroom or other space into a totally zen den, where you can stretch, bend, lunge and pose in total peace.

1. Scent One of the best parts of going to a yoga studio is the amazing smell in the lobby. But what is that blend? Look for candles with scents like citrus, sage, lavender and musk to replicate it. Nag champa, a combo that originated in India, is also popular in studios, but not everyone loves it so give it a whiff before you buy. Please be careful—container candles are safest.

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2. Touch Yoga mats are great, but yoga blankets can transform your practice into a seriously cozy experience. Toss a blanket over yourself during savasana (the final resting post, duh), or sit on one while you do deep breathing. Adding a blanket to your routine encourage what yoga is great for—rest ’n’ relaxation. Bonus: They look crazy-cute in your room.

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3. Sight Quotes make everything better. When setting aside a place to practice, why not paste up some of your favorite sayings at eye level? Hello, inspo.

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4. Taste We wish we’d find a study that says adding chocolate to your yoga practice increases its benefits. Given that we haven’t heard that (yet!), we’re all about the spa water. For fall, try this tasty combo: Fill a pitcher with water. Slice up one apple, drop it in, and add a cinnamon stick. Put it in the fridge for an hour or so. Sip it after yoga practice to hydrate.

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5. Listen Yogis are split (ha!) when it comes to music. Some love to jam out to party tunes while flowing through sun salutations. But most prefer silence, so as to better connect with their breath and body. To find low-key mixes, search Spotify or YouTube for yoga playlists. The slow, steady yoga-inspired tunes might help your head drift off into a more meditative place.

Try it here: Namaste Yoga

“Yoga is like music—the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” —B.K.S. Iyengar

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