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Do You Have These 10 Essentials in Your Bag?


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Do You Have These 10 Essentials in Your Bag?

By Sheereen Charles

Life is full of surprises, both good and bad. Although it’s hard to predict what those surprises may be, it’s a good idea to have these ten items handy, just so you’re prepared!

  1. Safety pins

Did your bottom or seam pop? Necklace suddenly break? Safety pins can come to the rescue when you have a wardrobe malfunction, which can happen at any given moment.


  1. Hand Sanitizer

Let’s face it – there are germs everywhere. Hand sanitizer can come to the rescue when you just can’t get access to a bathroom (or are too lazy to find one). Also, if you’re traveling abroad, public bathrooms may or may not have soap. Hand sanitizer are a must in these situations to keep your hands clean and germ-free. Try buying one with vitamin E or one that moisturizes so your hands don’t get dried out throughout the day.

Hand Washing, using sanitizing gel

  1. Breath Mints

Bad breath isn’t attractive! Every day, you interact with dozens of people, and you sure don’t want to have the “bad breath” reputation. Plus, you never know if you’re going to have onion or garlic breath. Be prepared – always carry mints or gum.


  1. Power Snack

It is always good to have a filling snack in your bag like a granola bar, protein bar or trail mix. This can be helpful when you are stuck in traffic, missed your lunch break, or just need a quick power boost. Having something healthy to snack on prevents gorging on junk food later.


  1. Compact

Is there something in your eye? Breakfast in your teeth? Having a bad hair day? It’s always a good idea to have a little mirror on hand to fix those things you can’t see.


  1. Tissues

Tissues are a must for those stubborn allergies, those random sneezes, and those accidental messes. Plus, you never know if your bathroom stall is going to run out of toilet paper, and you really really don’t want to be stuck in that situation without tissues.


  1. Lipstick, Lip-Gloss, or Lip Balm

Don’t ever walk around with chapped lips. Pack your favorite lipstick, lip-gloss, or lip balm in your bag. Dab some on when you want to doll yourself up or when your lips feel dry. You can easily go from day to night by using neutral gloss or balm for a casual look then a bright lipstick for a night out in town.


  1. Lotion or Moisturizer

Oh, the many times I find that my face is dry or my legs and knees are ashy, especially during the winter months! Don’t be afraid to lather some on those spots. Most models (and I) recommend using Aquaphor – it soothes, protects, and restores healthy skin.


  1. Hair Accessory

When you are hot or just having a hair meltdown, the first thing you want to do is get your hair out of your face. For this reason, always keep a few hairbands and bobby pins in your bag. Side tip – ponytails or buns are really great if you’re having a greasy hair day.


  1. A Pen and Paper

In the technological age, it might seem easier to store information on your phone. But sometimes you might want to jot down quick notes, directions, or numbers, and a pen and paper are so much easier than the notes app on your phone. Just in case, I recommend you keep a pen and something to write on (i.e. a notebook, sticky notes, a piece of paper, etc.) in your bag.

Pen and paper


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