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Disney Princesses: Young, Beautiful and…Hairy?!

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Disney Princesses: Young, Beautiful and…Hairy?!

By Ashley Begley

I don’t know about you, but my childhood was all Disney Princesses, all the time. And I literally mean all the time. I watched all the movies, had all the pajamas. Heck, I even ate all of my meals out of an Ariel bowl.

Ahhh, the memories! So enchanted and…unrealistic. Let’s be real here! There is no way that I’m going to have that small of a waist. And giving up my voice to go find a guy that I’m supposedly in love with after only a few minutes of staring at him as he lies unconscious on a beach?! Nope, no way. Sorry Ariel, I love ya, but I have better things to do.

Lucky for us, the past year has seen a pure re-imagining of the Disney Princesses that make them a bit more, shall we say…fierce? From steampunk to hotdogs, may I present to you the new, the fantastic, the hairy?… Disney Princesses!

Disney Princesses with Realistic Body Hair 

My eyebrows are bushy and I’m proud.

princess 2

princess 3

Disney Princesses with Realistic Head Hair

Work that frizz, girl. Flaunt it.

princess 4

princess 5

Disney Princesses with Realistic Makeup

Waterproof mascara for the win.

princess 6

princess 7

Disney Princesses as Breast Cancer Survivors

Yes. Just yes.

princess 8

princess 9

Disney Princesses as Steampunk Goddesses

Because who doesn’t love steampunk?!

princess 10

princess 11

Disney Princesses if they were ‘Racebent’

Because representation is relevant.

princess 12

princess 13

Disney Princesses if they were ‘Genderbent’

Because girls can be whoever they want to be.

princess 14

princess 15

BONUS! Disney Princes as Disney Princesses

Because boys can be whoever they want to be, too.

princess 16

princess 17

Disney Princesses as Zombie Apocalypse Fighters

Because why the heck not?

princess 18

princess 19

Disney Princesses as, well, Disney Princesses but sassier

All the sass.

princess 20

princess 21

And one more, cause these are just too good.

princess 22

And finally, Disney Princesses as Hotdogs

Yum! I guess? I don’t care, these are freaking cool.

princess 23

Photo Credit: Anna Hezel

Do you have a favorite reimagined princess? Let us know in the comments!

“Disney Princesses Reimagined as Hotdogs” by Anna Hezel and Gabriella Paiella reprinted with permission of Lucky Peach. Steampunk photos courtesy of MTV news. All other photos courtesy of Buzzfeed.

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