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Beyoncé and Rihanna Serve as Muses for New York Art Exhibit “Anti-Lemonade”

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Beyoncé and Rihanna Serve as Muses for New York Art Exhibit “Anti-Lemonade”

By Samantha Olson


Hold up—where has this Rihyoncé inspired pop-up art exhibit been all our lives?

It may seem like a dream, but this exclusive event by the name of “Anti-Lemonade” is very real; the sold-out art exhibit inspired by black music icons Beyoncé and Rihanna was held in New York City at the Bleecker Event Hall from March 30th to 31st. Created by event-organizer Brianni Taylor, the gallery featured a plethora of intricate pieces crafted by young black female artists to highlight the significant impact of the respected singers on popular culture.



beyonce-04-e7bea7f2-7ab2-4dfc-8290-cd12e4fcd402The gallery featured a Caribbean-themed room (which alluded to Rihanna’s Barbadian heritage), a glow-in-the-dark room, and a “Formation” room that showcased choreography by The Allure Dance Group. Playlists featuring Bey and Riri’s monumental radio hits also blared through the speakers in every room.

The Anti-Lemonade Eventbrite page states that the pop-up gallery was specifically held to “celebrate the two superstars in all of their greatness,” and to commemorate Women’s History Month. There is no better way to simultaneously depict female greatness and black excellence—these immensely talented young ladies made incredible art with powerhouse figures Beyoncé and Rihanna as their muses.

If you couldn’t make it to the brilliant pop-up gallery, have no fear– here are some of the prepossessing pieces from “Anti-Lemonade.”


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  2. @top3leoscreen-shot-2017-04-14-at-3-18-37-pm
  3. @OGKNOCCERZ screen-shot-2017-04-14-at-3-19-42-pm
  4. @MoBiggaa screen-shot-2017-04-14-at-3-20-16-pm
  5. @Gennnny_V screen-shot-2017-04-14-at-3-20-32-pm
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